Atmosphere is Important

An attractive homelike setting is a contributing factor to an individual’s quality of life. Homes are furnished in a manner as any other private residence. Each person has his or her own bedroom and may choose their furnishings based upon individual preference and needs. Private bedrooms afford the person the opportunity for privacy and a place which is truly their own. From an exterior perspective, the houses do not have any specialized markings or logos that would set them apart from any other home in the neighborhood. Our homes are located in quality neighborhoods with readily available community resources.

Honoring Individual Preferences

Depending on their preferences, individuals have access to a wide variety of available recreational opportunities in their local community and throughout the state of Oregon. Transportation is made possible with our company vehicles and public transportation.

Our residential program empowers individuals by providing freedom as to how to arrange their living space, spend their free time, meet and make new friends, and contribute to their community. This self-determined process guides ASI in assisting individuals with their person-centered planning process.

Help Make a Real Difference