Our residential, employment, and community living support programs were developed around the basic premise that individuals are most successful, productive and happy when included in the community. It is with these services, or a combination of these services, that we encourage individuals to have an active influence on the direction of their lives.

Individual Support Plan

All individuals receive and participate in the development of their Individual Support Plan (ISP). The ISP is a document that specifies a comprehensive strategy to guide the delivery of service for an individual for up to one year. It details the supports, activities, and resources required for the individual to achieve their personal goals.

Our person-centered planning process includes discovering:

  • A person’s positive attributes
  • What is most important to the person
  • What a person likes and dislikes
  • The person’s hopes and dreams

With this information, the person and their team can develop the ISP, which is periodically reviewed and used as a measurement of the individual’s progress of reaching their goal.

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