Employment / Supported Employment

We offer a variety of employment services including job development, job coaching, discovery services, small group employment, and employment path services. Our employment opportunities are available in the Portland Metro area and Jackson County.

Why hire one of our job seekers?

  • We help businesses hire and train. All services are provided at no cost to the business.
  • We Will recruit and screen potential employees for your business. Job seekers will be identified based on their strengths and interests to ensure they are a good match for the job.
  • We provide onsite training and ongoing job coaching to supported employees. Our staff will continue to follow up and ensure all aspects of the job are being completed to your satisfaction.
  • We can also help identify ways to increase productivity, through job analysis, universal design and job restructuring. her opportunities for paid employment to match the needs and desires of the individuals we support.

Job Development and Job Coaching

We are committed to supporting individuals who experience a disability to connect with businesses to obtain employment. As an approved vendor to provide job development services through Vocational Rehabilitation our Job Developers use the information gathered in Discovery to identify employment opportunities in the community that meet the job seeker’s strengths’ and interests. Once hired our Job Coaches work with the job seeker to build independence on the job and to ensure the employers needs are being met.

Discovery Services

We provide Discovery services which includes completion of the State approved Discovery Profile. Our team begins with a person-centered planning meeting to identify an individual’s strengths and interests. From there we do informational interviews of employers, tours, and work assessments to fully discover each individual’s talents and the best employment fit for those talents.

Employment Path and Small Group Employment

Through the person-centered planning process, we match individuals with jobs in our program that best fit their individual interests. Our goal is to maximize skill development, which could one day lead to an individual’s participation in more competitive pay and employment.

Our employment opportunities are made possible through direct contracts with the City of Tualatin,
Wentworth Chevrolet, Rogue Valley Transit District, and City of Beaverton and include:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Document Destruction
  • Vehicle Detailing
  • Yard and Lawn Maintenance

ASI actively seeks other opportunities for paid employment to match the needs and desires of the individuals we support.

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