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Maintaining OIS Instructor Certification

Instructor certifications are renewed every April. April recertification includes a 4 hour OIS updates workshop and a 4-hour physical skills practice. The physical skills practice is conducted in regions throughout the state to minimize the amount of traveling required.


OIS 2023 – added 3/20/2023

The Polyvagal Theory

One Day Recertification 2023 – coming soon

One Day Recertification 2022 – Updated on 5/2/2022 – page numbers, Updated on 5/19/2022 to include slide If Danger is Perceived which is now slide #27, page numbers corrected

Anxiety Module – ppt

Anxiety Module – pfd

Autism Module ppt 2023 – added 3/23/2023

Autism Module pdf – coming soon

Dementia Module ppt 2023 – added 3/23/2023

Dementia Module pdf – coming soon

Depression Module ppt 2023 – added 3/23/2023

Depression Module pdf – coming soon

FASD-Module – ppt

FASD Module – pfd

IDD and the Continuum of Attachment Module – ppt

IDD and the Continuum of Attachment Module – pfd

PTSD Module – ppt

PTSD Module – pfd

Oversight 2022 – added 9.19.22

Parent 2020 PPT


Supporting Documents:

Co-Regulation Strategy 2023 – added 3/27/2023

Curriculum Module Timing 2023added 3/20/2023

Participant Workshop Instructions 2022

Social Interactions Impact

FASD References

OIS References 2022

Trauma Module Worksheet

Attachment Worksheet

Which is it – Anxiety Disorder Activity 2023 added 3/20/2023

Glossary of O.I.S. Terms

OIS 2023 Tricks of the Trade 2023added 3/20/2023

Children Protective Physical Interventions with Table 2023 added 3/20/2023

Workshop Instructions for Participants 2022

Workshop-Datasheet 2023  – added 3/22/2023 – removed focus initials column, combined c-level and crisis

Workshop Evaluation 2023 – added 3/20/2023.  Updated – 4/13/2023


OIS-Certificate-2023added 3/20/2023 – changed to one certificate for all workshops


PPT Competency Test 2023 added 3/20/2023

PPT Competency Test Answers Table 2023  added 3/20/2023

PPT Competency Test Answers 2023 added 3/20/2023

PPT One Day Competency Test 2022

PPT One Day Competency Test Answers 2022

Crisis Physical Skills Competency Evaluation 2023 added 3/20/2023

General Physical Skills Competency Evaluation 2023 added 3/20/2023


Additional Documents

Co-Training Acknowledgement Form 2022

Steering Committee Presentation Checklist

PPI Abbreviations

Calendar Template 2022


Evaluation Forms:

OIS Physical Skills Evaluation 2023 – added 3/20/2023.  Updated 5/3/2023

OIS Instructor Candidate Passport 2023 added 3/20/2023

Instructor Candidate Co-Training Evaluation 2023 added 3/20/2023

Instructor Candidate Solo Evaluation 2023 added 3/20/2023

MasterMentor Evaluation

OIS Glossary of TermsGlossary


Certification –

  • Instructor certification

Annual Workshop Requirements – The 1st Instructor listed on the OIS datasheet receives credit towards their annual 2-workshop requirement.  The 2nd Instructor is noted in the OIS database but does not receive credit.  This ruling is found in the February 2021 SC meeting minutes and takes affect as of May 1, 2021.  Added 11.8.2021

Annual Audit letters are sent to all OIS Instructors in January.  The letter is a courtesy reminder of the requirements that have been met by each Instructor as of the end of the regular calendar year.  It is meant to be informational.  Added 6.24.2021

Instructors (except for those certified as Master/Mentors) are required to co-train with another Instructor outside of their agency once every two years. The co-training acknowledgement form must be filled out and submitted for the co-training to count towards this requirement. This workshop credits both Instructors. Added 10.7.2022

  • Participant certification

Individual Focus (IF) has been changed to Crisis (C) as of June 1st, 2021.  Added 4.13.2021

Certification levels for participants have been changed to General (through restrictive measures) and Crisis. Added 5/25/2023

Workshop attendee certification dates will follow Day 1 of the workshop the participant attends.  Added 4.13.2021


Forms-Updated – 

C-level certificate was updated with SB 710 requirements and sent to OIS Instructors on 8/31/2021.  Added 9.8.2021

Datasheet has been updated to include entry for actual workshop time.  Updated datasheet was added to website. Email sent to Instructors on 8/10/2021. Added 9.8.2021


Independent Instructors – 

Per the email sent on 10/13/2022, all advertisements (fliers, emails, etc.) and contracts need to state the OIS workshop fee separately from the added business expense. Going forward, workshop notices submitted to OIS need to include the workshop fee and any information about additional business expenses. As a reminder, notices are required to be sent to OIS at least 2 weeks prior to the start of a workshop.


Instructor Candidacy –

Applications for Agency Instructors, Independent Instructors and Non-Instructional updated with workshop reimbursement information – Added 8.30.2021


Interpreters –

Interpreter request information is pending. Contact the Data Coordinator if you need information on scheduling an Interpreter through ODDS.


Mentorship –

OIS Mentor Handbook – Updated 10.7.22

Master/Mentor ListUpdated 10.7.2022


Physical Skills –

  • Physical Skills Techniques

New physical skills technique was introduced at April Recertification 2021 – Collar Neck Release.  Added 6.23.2021

The Standards of Physical Skills Manual will be updated as of April 2022 with an addition to the Belt/Shirt technique.  Instructor Candidates are being taught the addition as of 2021.  Added 6.23.2021

Some Physical Skills were moved to Optional as noted on the physical skills techniques evaluation form. Added 4.30.2022

  • Physical Skills Webinars

Physical Skills webinars will end as of July 22nd, 2021.  Email sent to all Instructors on 6/14/2021.  Added 6.17.2021

The SC agreed that there will be no exceptions granted for workshop participants that do not fulfill the attendance requirements of the last webinar dated 7/22/2021 and the timing falls outside the two-week requirement for completing in-person physical skills.  The requirement being that in-person physical skills techniques are taught within two weeks of the first day of the PPT workshop.  Email set to all instructors on 6/16/2021.  Added 6.17.2021


Recertification – April 2024 – Information Coming in January 2024


Senate Bill 710 – 

Senate Bill 710 Document – Senate Bill 710

Instructors will begin using the PPT competency test and PPI competency evaluation per email sent out on 9/13/2021.  Documents can be found in the Instructor Portal, Forms tab – Added 9.24.2021

SB 710 is effective as of 9/1/2021.  At this time, only requirements for the C-level certificate has changed.  Other requirements are pending. See Forms – Updated.  Added 9.8.2021

SB 710 was approved by the subcommittee and is waiting for the stamp of approval from Ways and Means.  The bill takes affect 9/1/2021.  Added 6.17.2021

SB 710 requirements for OIS have been established and set in place. Added 10.7.2022


Steering Committee –

  • Temporary rulings

SC unanimously approved Agency Instructors that are an employee of an agency that is endorsed to provide 24-hour services to collaborate with like Agency Instructors within their service area. This collaboration will create one O.I.S. workshop, taught by an Agency Instructor, with participants (employees) from multiple agencies to ensure the class size meets the O.I.S. minimum of three or more participants. If a participant requires a C-Level Certificate, the home-based Agency Instructor can complete this requirement.  This is effective immediately and will be revisited by the OIS-SC at their January 2022 meeting.  Email sent to Instructors on 7/21/2021.  Added 9.8.2021  Update – The OIS-SC agreed to leave this ruling in place until further notice. Added 10.7.22

  • SC Meeting Minutes

January 2023 Meeting Minutes

February 2023 Meeting Minutes


Workshops –

  • Curriculum

2022  Curriculum can be found in the Instructor Portal. Added 10.7.2022

  • Datasheets

Only Instructors co-teaching the PPT need to be listed on the datasheet.  Instructors helping review physical skills do not need included unless the workshop is over 12 participants.  Added 11.8.2021

Datasheet update.  See Forms – Updated. Added 9.8.2021

Individual Focus (IF) has been changed to Crisis (C) as of June 1st, 2021.  Added 4.13.2021


One Day Recertification – email sent to all Instructors on 1/27/2021 – Added 4.13.2021

  • All One Day Recertification (OIS-R) workshops will be in-person workshops and not held remotely.
  • Individuals must have gone through at least two (2) consecutive O.I.S.-(G) Level workshops in the last four (4) years and have a current certificate.
  • Individuals must have been employed by the same employer for the past four (4) years, be in good standing with their employer, and have been approved by the Executive Director (or designee).
  • PSWs must have gone through at least two (2) consecutive O.I.S.-(G) Level workshops in the last four (4) years, have been employed as a PSW for the past four (4) years, and be in good standing with their current Brokerage company.  The PSW will provide the Instructor with a letter of approval from the Brokerage company.
  • Foster Care Providers must have gone through at least two (2) consecutive O.I.S.-(G) Level workshops in the last four (4) years, have been employed by the same employer for the past four (4) years, and be in good standing with their employer.  The Foster Care Owner will provide the Instructor with a letter of approval.


Upgrades –

Upgrades should be documented for OIS datasheet submission using the following guidelines per the email sent on 12/15/2020.  Added 4.13.2021

  • An Instructor holds a workshop, knows a person will need to be ‘upgraded’ at a later date, and it will happen within 30 days of the workshop.  Do not send OIS the workshop datasheet until after the upgrade has taken place but make sure it is within the 30 day time limit.  This is not considered an ‘upgrade’.
  • An Instructor holds a workshop and turns in the datasheet shortly afterwards.  Then they realize that a workshop participant needs to be upgraded and it is still within 30 days of the original workshop.  After the Upgrade happens, send an Upgrade datasheet.  In the email include the name of the original Instructor and date of the original workshop so that OIS can connect it to that workshop.  The Instructor doing the Upgrade should be listed on the datasheet.
  • An Instructor upgrades a participant after 30 days of the original workshop date.  At this time, they do not need to send any information to OIS.

Master/Mentor Instructor List with solo reviewer information

Master Mentor List – updated 4.19.2023